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Starting out, you'll need to level up to 106, then reawaken once at level 106, and then again at 106. You can do this by killing the mob at the Starter area Pools of Fantasy (754, 939). The mobs you will need to kill are Heartless Ghost. If you're unsure how to reawaken, you do it at the NPC named Masters Of Cycles After you have reawaken twice at 106, you will need to collect 12 total Heartless Ghost Molds to make your armor, tome, and blessing. To acquire these items, you will go to Forsaken Lady Freebies.

After you've done all of that, next is leveling up to 150. For this process, you will need to head to Cromagnon Village (113, 314) and kill Choasand Sludgestalker, be sure to active the Hypers you received from your leveling reward. This leveling process will take about a total of 15 minutes to 30 minutes. During the process, you will need to collect 40 Inner Molds to create your belt, neckless, robe and rings, later on at the NPC's at west, which I will explain shortly.

Now, when you reach 149, you will get most of your endgame stuff, (weapon, some gear, etc). Now, level up once more to 150. Next, go to West City (Archosaur) you can go around looking at the NPC's to see which gives which, but first head to Forsaken VIP NPC > VIP Craft > Acc then create your items.

To level up even further, to level 500, you will have to farm FS (Forsaken Souls) in Nightscream you will need a total of 700 Forsaken Souls to get to level 500, once you head into Nightscream, which is located at Dreamweaver Port (676, 362) do all the quest at the Nightscream Island Keeper After you do all the quest and get Forsaken Souls, you will get a total of 180 Forsaken Souls. You may need to get a few more, you can then do quest for more Forsaken Souls in West City at the World Boss Assistant NPC (522, 660) Take all of the white quest, they are world boss quest, each gives 10 Forsaken Souls, 80 Forsaken Souls in total from all the quest.

Which will then leave you with a total of 260 Forsaken Souls, now you can either wait for the Treasure Chest event, which happens every two hours, you will earn about 200-300 million coins and 400-750 Forsaken Souls, the event occurs outside of west, or kindly ask a player for Forsaken Souls.

Now, once you have 700 Forsaken Souls, here is how you will level up to 500, first check to see if the system is online by doing @status in common chat or squad chat, If it responds with a Private message, that means it is online and running. If it is offline, It will not respond in Private or do nothing, please notify a GM in world chat for them to fix this. What you need to do when it's online is go to any NPC and sell those Forsaken Souls. Next, if you were logged in previously after selling them, please log out and log back in, then head to your User Panel, or if you are lazy, click here: Click on the Level Up tab you will notice you have 700 Level Up points, you will need to select your character and then level it up to 500.

You will now be able to use all of your gear, after going around exploring the NPC's and what they do, you may have an idea of how things work. If not, here's some more help and basic understanding.

There's daily trivia questions that can earn you rewards, you can only complete one question every hour, you must answer the questions in world chat, some are math questions and some are just trivia.

Now, you're wondering, do you have to go back to the Starter area to get the items that the NPC gave from Goods? No you do not, Just head to any Teleporter around the map and they will sell the exact same items.

You also receive 10 Event Gold every hour to buy things from the boutique with, you can also exchange ten million big notes for Event Gold by going to the NPC in West City named Forsaken Trade Which can be located by the Forsaken VIP forge (523, 665)

Want a cool title? Head to the World Boss Assistant (522, 680) And click on goods, there's plenty of neat and cool titles you can get, If you would like all the titles in the game, or even a cool title like GM Killer you can either donate and get them or, kill the GM during Kill the GM event to receive the GM Killer title.

You can also join an order, either a faction order or Forsaken, Omega etc for extra Event Gold every hour, Instead of 10, you will receive 20. Plus, some orders have some really cool mounts and items you can acquire!

The Forsaken Trade NPC in West City located by Forsaken VIP forge (523, 665) you can buy really cool items with, especially for completing your war avatar set, engraving and even buying a trolling item called the NUKE, which you can kill players with and earn a cool title!

The Forsaken VIP Forge you can earn various types of items with, including blessings, tomes, gear and even engraving. You will need to buy the pots and charms from the NPC, considering those are the best charms you can acquire.

To acquire donation coins, you can either farm the Electro Cave, which you can enter at level 450+ and open the Electro Packs that it gives, you can enter the cave at the illusion stone in West City. You will need 25 million coins to enter. If you do not want to get donation coins and other items that way, you can use the Electro Packs at the Forsaken Trade NPC to trade for Forsaken Souls.

You will also not only receive 140 Cubi for voting every day, but you will receive Vote Molds and Super Vitae Pills, which you can use on acquire different things with the Vote Molds, however with the Super Vitae Pills, you can only use three and then they are pointless, unless you are giving them away or using them on different characters.

If you need any further help, or if I did not make something clear enough, please ask around on the forums or look at other guides here on the forums.


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